Cook County Man Sentenced in Child Molestation and Rape Case


COOK COUNTY, Ga – Cook County’s Devant Lamont Miller, age 21, has pleaded guilty to child molestation and statutory rape of a 12-year-old female during his sentencing last week. 

Miller was sentenced to 30 years, with 15 years to be served in a Georgia prison. His sentence will also include banishment from the Alapaha Judicial Circuit, and registration as a sex offender.  

Chief Superior Court Judge Howard McClain took Miller’s guilty plea and entered the sentence against him 

 “It is a great relief to have a predator like Devante Miller off the street and to know that our children are safer today with Miller in prison. Individuals that harm children shall be punished to the full extent of the law. I am proud that my office continues to prosecute and imprison people who harm children in this judicial circuit,” District Attorney Dick Perryman stated. “I must thank the Sparks Police Department and the Cook County Sheriff’s Office for their hard work on this case. I must also thank ADA Jennifer Rue Smith for her dedication in seeing this case to its conclusion.”


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