Halloween is today, and that got us thinking about your kid’s safety. Do you know who’s behind the doors your kids are knocking on?

Halloween is today, and that got us thinking about your kid’s safety. Do you know who’s behind the doors your kids are knocking on?

We set out to verify if Bibb sex offenders report to jail on Halloween.

Just a few final touches and Nevaeh Simmons’ costume is ready for Halloween, but her mom, Nakeza, says their door is the only one she will be knocking on.

“It’s very scary. That’s why for the last three years we haven’t been out. Just trick-or-treating door-to-door,” says Nakeza.

Nakeza says she has always worried about people poisoning candy, so they have a family party on Halloween, but she says she has never thought about sex offenders posing a threat.

“I don’t have any idea where the sex offenders are,” says Nakeza.

If you are interested in seeing a map of where sex offenders live, click this link.

We reached out to Lt. Chris Harrell from the Bibb County Sheriff’s Office to see where registered sex offenders are on Halloween in Macon.

“The sex offenders that we’ll have in jail on Halloween are ones that are serving their time from violations against the registry or ones who have pending charges that are waiting to go to court,” says Harrell.

So we verified that no sex offenders in Macon do not report to jail on Halloween. The only ones in jail are already there.

Harrell says offenders on parole or probation will have to go to the probation office during the hours kids are out. As for the other registered sex offenders, he says they make an extra effort on Halloween.

“We physically go out to the work employment addresses and the residences where the sex offenders have registered with the sheriff’s office and check and make sure the information they provided with us is correct,” says Harrell.

James Hill of the Georgia Department of Community Supervision says the State Board of Pardons and Paroles allows parole officers to impose curfews and provide specific reporting instructions for sex offenders.

We reached out to other Central Georgia counties to see what their policies are.

In Baldwin County, Detective Haley Beckham says they continually check offenders addresses throughout the year, but around Halloween she says some years they check and some years they do not.

In Houston County, Cpt. John Holland says they increase the amount of check on Halloween and leading up.

“Very shocked cause that’s crazy because you wouldn’t even think about that especially for a holiday,” says Nakeza.

She says knowing that some registered sex offenders are at home on Halloween is enough to make sure her family stick to trick-or-treat alternatives.


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