Polk County Sheriff’s Office takes part in Operation Watchful Eye


While local citizens were working, sleeping or trick or treating the Polk County Sheriff’s Office spent the last seven days completing this years’ Operation Watchful Eye, according to a release from the agency.

In a coordinated effort across Georgia sheriffs’ offices, deputies participated in statewide residence verification and compliance checks and other non-compliant matters of registered sex offenders. Locally, the Polk County Sheriff’s Office and Sheriff Johnny Moats offered thanks to Deputy Jeff Walker and the many others who participated in operation.

“The purpose of these operations is to keep the state safe by creating awareness especially during the Halloween Holiday week,” the release stated.

Sheriffs’ offices are required by law to register sex offenders and to keep the public informed of where registered sex offenders live, work and attend school.

During the seven-day operation, Polk County deputies completed 143 residence verification checks, with three of those listed as registered predators, five listed as homeless and a new warrant was issued for violations of the sex offender registry law and two new sex offenders moved into the County during this time period.

Source: https://www.mdjonline.com/neighbor_newspapers/news/state/polk-county-sheriffs-office-takes-part-in-operation-watchful-eye/article_28bcb2da-77ee-5df8-9117-9e77a66fa0d8.html

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