Justices’ Fresh Views on ‘Severability’ Could Boost Obamacare Defenders



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Ice Melt Supplier’s Suit Against Municipal Cooperative Isn’t Worth Its Salt, 3rd Circuit Says

2020-07-06 22:20 UTC by Law.comP.J. D’Annunziohttps://images.law.com/contrib/content/uploads/sites/399/2020/07/snowplow-Article-202007061706.jpgMining and Resources/State and Local Government/News/Civil Appeals/Contractual Disputes/Government/Industrial, Chemicals & Materials/Contract Litigation/New Jersey

A split panel affirmed a ruling in favor of the Morris County Cooperative Pricing Council, which awards and executes contracts for products and services so its members can obtain volume discount.


Justice for All: Implications of the Texas Supreme Court Ruling on Workers’ Compensation for Truck Drivers Injured on the Job

2020-07-06 22:03 UTC by Law.comKenneth ArtzCargo and Shipping/Cases and Courts/State and Local Government/Analysis/Litigation/Litigators/Transportation

Damages paid through workers’ compensation and wrongful death in Texas should not be reserved for spouses and descendants, but made available to parents, siblings and immediate family.


Phila. Agrees to Pay $6.25M to Man Wrongfully Incarcerated for More Than 20 Years

2020-07-06 22:00 UTC by Law.comMax Mitchellhttps://images.law.com/contrib/content/uploads/sites/402/2020/07/Jail-Release-Article-202007061659.jpgState and Local Government/News/Philadelphia Eastern PA/Criminal Law/Damages

Attorney Kevin Harden of Ross Feller Casey said the agreement marks the highest settlement in an exoneration case in Pennsylvania that did not involve DNA evidence.


Parker Hudson’s New Leader Aims to Increase Diversity and Keep Growing

2020-07-06 21:25 UTC by Law.comMeredith Hobbshttps://images.law.com/contrib/content/uploads/sites/404/2020/07/Harrison-Roberts-Article-202007061552.jpgLegal Services/News/Business of Law/Law Firm Management/Law Firm