‘Her death would not be in vain’: Petition could create new sex offender ID policy for ATL nightlife

ATLANTA (CBS46) — A new petition could make it harder for sex offenders to get into metro Atlanta bars and night clubs.

The petition already has close to 10,000 signatures and it was started by friends of a local bartender who was kidnapped and raped.

Chris Anthony said it doesn’t feel like it’s been almost two months since his friend 27-year-old Mariam Abdulrab was taken from him, “Honestly it still feels fresh you know when you don’t have any answers.”

Police believe DeMarcus Brinkley kidnapped Abdulrab from her boyfriend’s front yard and shot her to death shortly after.

Her murder sparked outrage across the city, “We need community leaders to start talking about this,” one community member said at a city protest.

Now a new petition started by Mariam’s friends aims to limit the access sex offenders like Brinkley have to women like Mariam.

This would be great for simply checking someone’s ID and having a heads up,” Her friend Chris Anthony said.

More than 7,000 people have already signed the petition pushing for a new law that would require sex offenders to have some sort of marker on their Georgia ID.

“I think it’s a perfect idea,” Chris Anthony said.

The marker would allow bars and clubs to keep a closer eye on known predators.

This also wouldn’t be the first time something like this happened in the state of Georgia.

In 2019 Georgia’s most high-risk sex offenders were required to wear an GPS ankle monitor.

However, last year the law was deemed unconstitutional by the Georgia Supreme Court.

Sex Offender Attorney Tom Church said this petition might have a fighting chance.

Georgia legislatures may see this as a good compromise because they just lost the ankle bracelet requirement. So now they could think this is something they could use instead,” Attorney Church said.

Mariam’s friends like Chris Anthony are now just hoping state leaders will take a closer look at this.

“As her friend we would really appreciate something like this happening. You know that she didn’t just die for nothing and that her death was not in vain, but rather a wake up call.”

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